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Every group of people that spends a lot of time together slowly develops their own language, a set of slang they know, or words they’ve given new meaning to. On 30 Rock, there’s the phrase, “That’s not a thing,” which is just an awesome way of saying, “That’s nonsense, old chap,” and of course the term they’ve popularized, “Blerg!” On RuPaul’s Drag Race and all the spinoffs they are a fan of saying “realness” to describe their looks. One of my favorite quotes – and make no mistake, this is a real quote from the show – is, “I’m bringing 1920’s [woman of the night] with a touch of Harajuku girl realness.” On How I Met Your Mother they have a number of words like that, including the one some of my friends and I have adopted: “Sandwiches.”

Dude, those were some good sandwiches.

Dude, those were some good sandwiches.

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Being the politically active hippie I am, I have signed up for a good number of email updates from liberal PACs and candidates, including B. Rock — and this week something magical happened; Michelle Obama asked me on a date. Yes, me, Greg! Continue reading