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In my continuing series of terrible movie ideas I bring you my second Christmas movie, and the weirdest of the four I will bring you. It is, however, also a very realistic plot, as evidenced by shows like Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives, which I will admit I watched half of. For those you you who enjoy the stranger, gay-touch, I present:

Christmas is a Drag

Christmas is a Drag is a fabulous new movie starring drag superstar and she-legend, RuPaul. In this adventure, Ru is joined by two freshman draglebrities, Rich Sommer (Mad Men) and BD Wong (Law and Order: SVU), to save Christmas from the evil Santa Bear and his army of beauty-stealing Christmas cubs.

Ru has just returned from a whirlwind modeling and singing journey around the world to sher’s girls, Sasha Lamorr (Rich Sommer), a shy, big-boned drag queen who just wants to find her knight in shining armor, and Nina Fierce (BD Wong), a sassy drag queen with a little too much attitude but all the right moves. When the girls are attacked early Christmas Eve by a group of scary, hairy Christmas cubs, they learn that the most glamorous of holidays is in danger from dirty, old Santa Bear, who wants to steal the beauty from the season and ruin it for all the little ladyboys.

This is the closest thing I could get to an evil Santa Bear that wasn’t actually an animal.

As with all things drag, Christmas is a Drag is a wild ride, with plenty of puns and glitter to appease the most dour of divas. “Tuck” yourselves in this holiday and get ready for an unforgettable ruventure.

Every group of people that spends a lot of time together slowly develops their own language, a set of slang they know, or words they’ve given new meaning to. On 30 Rock, there’s the phrase, “That’s not a thing,” which is just an awesome way of saying, “That’s nonsense, old chap,” and of course the term they’ve popularized, “Blerg!” On RuPaul’s Drag Race and all the spinoffs they are a fan of saying “realness” to describe their looks. One of my favorite quotes – and make no mistake, this is a real quote from the show – is, “I’m bringing 1920’s [woman of the night] with a touch of Harajuku girl realness.” On How I Met Your Mother they have a number of words like that, including the one some of my friends and I have adopted: “Sandwiches.”

Dude, those were some good sandwiches.

Dude, those were some good sandwiches.

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