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This is considered an American classic. Will the new movie be regarded in the same light? God, let’s hope not.

This television season, the CW — that same network responsible for bringing you such quality shows as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diarieshas aired something completely different (not really): Beauty and the Beast. An ode to the movie novel of the same name, this new show takes some liberties with the source material. Specifically, the Beast is a smokin’ hotty. Continue reading

I made this face the entire time I was watching the LotR trilogy. If only I were that handsome…

When I heard they were making a film adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, I, like so many good The Lord of the Rings fans, was insanely excited. After all, what good Elf loving nerd could resist those 3 hour (4 if you got the extended DVDs!) preciouses? It is truly the fantasy film series to rule them all.

Then, they announced they were going to make The Hobbit a 3 part movie. With one fell swoop, what started out as a concept I desperately yearned for ended up being something I dread more than any Orc. Continue reading

While I was in New York I did many exciting things, like eating and drinking and riding the subway. Most exciting of all, though, my friend and I watched a show: Vampire High — which is the worst show ever.

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been working for a political campaign. Unfortunately, on Tuesday my candidate lost the primary election, meaning I’m now even more unemployed than before. Yay! As you can guess, my fleeting dreams of fleeing hobodom have made me rather melancholy, because I like money.

Money is what you use to buy food. Food is what you eat. I like eating.

I could not have found a better picture for my love of food, or a better source…

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About five years ago, when I was a little, chubby, recent-high school grad, I somehow started talking to a guy online. A fellow gay man. Now, at 18 I was even more naive than I am now, and had hoped this acquaintanceship would turn into a steamy, zany courtship.

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