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I don’t mean to brag but, uh, I sort of have the best dreams. Like, ever. I know of a lot of people with really great dreams, but mine are definitely always the most interesting. The only problem is often my dreams are basically movies, which means I watch way too many movies. Instead of making a real post today, I will recount some of my all time favorite dreams.

Yeah, my dreams are about this weird but more coherent.

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So, I’m trying to write a terrible novel for National Novel Writing Month. The purpose of this is to just belt out a 50k word novel in one month, and even without editing that takes a sizable chunk of time and your mental capacity. This is the first 1000 words. I’ll try to have a real blog later but for now deal with seeing something that was done quickly!

This will be the next great American novel! And it will be truly sad for America.

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