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In the past week, two things happened: Occupy Wall Street “turned one” (though that seems like bad wording because the movement is mostly dead), and I became aware of the $3 Change For Change movement, which is all about supporting candidates who pursue campaign finance reform through “Money Bombs” — that is, getting as many people to donate $3 as possible to those campaigns. While these two movements might seem different, they are essentially the same. Continue reading

I don’t mean to brag but, uh, I sort of have the best dreams. Like, ever. I know of a lot of people with really great dreams, but mine are definitely always the most interesting. The only problem is often my dreams are basically movies, which means I watch way too many movies. Instead of making a real post today, I will recount some of my all time favorite dreams.

Yeah, my dreams are about this weird but more coherent.

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Bacon used to be considered a pretty boring food; everyone ate it, from toddlers to lumberjacks to disco-loving grandpas, and everyone ever to exist in the history of the world thought it was good but didn’t give it a second thought. It was simply a breakfast food that you consumed before moving on to more glamorous meals.

But then, a few years ago something happened: bacon got its groove back. Suddenly, what was the most boring of foods was the king of the food chain, because people realized, “Oh right! That cured pork belly is DELICIOUS.” Suddenly, this meat that had been relegated to breakfast and the occasional salad or sandwich became a show stealer in every meal it was a part of — and it became a part of every meal, including dessert. Hell, it even became a part of cocktails, for those of us who are bacon-loving-lushes.

I couldn’t go one drink without some bacon!

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About five years ago, when I was a little, chubby, recent-high school grad, I somehow started talking to a guy online. A fellow gay man. Now, at 18 I was even more naive than I am now, and had hoped this acquaintanceship would turn into a steamy, zany courtship.

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