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I need the male version of this. Bacon toga?

Halloween is possibly the best holiday ever: when you’re a kid it’s an excuse to eat as much candy as you can — in fact, you’re often encouraged to eat candy; when you’re an adult it’s an excuse to drink as much as you can; when you’re a kid you get to dress up like the most awesome people you know; when you’re an adult you are encouraged to dress as something sexy, the stranger the better (next year I think I’ll go as sexy bacon); and regardless of age, you don’t have to spend the evening with those awkward relatives who linger too long when they hug you. Continue reading

Generally, I try to stay away from topics about religion because it’s almost impossible to discuss anything religious without person A rolling his eyes or person B punching person A in the nose, etc. But this week I am making an exception because I am not discussing religion so much as I am discussing history. Specifically, the history of something more near and dear to my heart than many other subjects: alcohol.

Nine out of ten deities agree, one improves the other!

Now, to call me an expert on the Christian religion would be unfair, as I know less about it than I do about lamps — and all I know about them is I love lamp — but I do know one thing; Jesus Christ, revered as a savior by over 2 billion people in the world, was the world’s first oenophile (wine lover). Continue reading