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This is considered an American classic. Will the new movie be regarded in the same light? God, let’s hope not.

This television season, the CW — that same network responsible for bringing you such quality shows as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diarieshas aired something completely different (not really): Beauty and the Beast. An ode to the movie novel of the same name, this new show takes some liberties with the source material. Specifically, the Beast is a smokin’ hotty. Continue reading

I need the male version of this. Bacon toga?

Halloween is possibly the best holiday ever: when you’re a kid it’s an excuse to eat as much candy as you can — in fact, you’re often encouraged to eat candy; when you’re an adult it’s an excuse to drink as much as you can; when you’re a kid you get to dress up like the most awesome people you know; when you’re an adult you are encouraged to dress as something sexy, the stranger the better (next year I think I’ll go as sexy bacon); and regardless of age, you don’t have to spend the evening with those awkward relatives who linger too long when they hug you. Continue reading