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As I mentioned earlier, about 2.5 weeks ago I moved into a new place. Because of the other “inhabitant” of this apartment, my fears that this building is haunted have only grown stronger. Continue reading

(That sounds like a good movie title, right? The tagline I’m thinking for it when I sell my idea is, “This year, Halloween comes one day late.”)

On Thursday I moved into my new place, and I must say I have a bit of skepticism about this decision. The neighborhood is fine; a bit dirty, a bit crowded, a bit dark at night, but it’s New York. The apartment itself is very nice, and my room is so large I could play Twister in it without moving the bed — now I just need to find Twister buddies!

No, my anxiety comes from the building. See, there’s this little problem called


First off, I’m sorry. This is another list. I swear I’m not only going to be making lists, it just turns out lists are easier to do than longer posts where you truly tell a story and make an argument and I need to post something lickety-split! So there you go.

One thing I’ve always been reprimanded for by my parents was my inability to make smalltalk. As I explained it to them, this was actually sort of logical: I believe that you shouldn’t try to make smalltalk with people about their jobs or school or whatnot because people generally tell you about what’s important to them. I sort of also based this on the fact that when I first started college I was actually just doing it because I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, so when people asked me about it my natural response was to growl. Unfortunately, doing things because they are logical don’t make them more socially acceptable. Right-o, Spock?

Logically, Greg is correct.

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You know how they say that recovering alcoholics have to successfully grow plants before they can have relationships? I do, because I watch a lot of TV and movies so, trust me, it’s totally true. I’ve basically gone to AA. Well, this idea that the way you care for your plants is indicative of how you deal with personal relationships made me ponder something, and I must say the conclusion I’ve reached is more terrifying than Ayn Rand.


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