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Well, this is the last part of the first chapter of my novel, which I must admit I’ve fallen behind on, though I am done with the second chapter and am only planning seven.

Writing this story — the story of a girl who loves cats too much — has made me feel a bit insane. But good insane! Because what is a writer if not someone who can empathize with the strangest of people? The answer: nothing.

Warning: there is some vulgarity in here. Don’t be afraid!

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My friend Maryann has recently decided she was a Cat Lady. Sort of.

Now, I’m not a cat lady person by any stretch of the mind, specifically because I am allergic to cats. Also, I have been in relationships. Actually, I’ve dated one guy three times so I guess that sort of makes me a slut. My oh-so-wonderful love life and my inability to withstand cat dander has led me to the belief that, maybe, I am something similar yet different; perhaps I am a Dog Lord.

The Nikita and I

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