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In recent weeks my creativity has all been sapped by the labyrinthine trials of finding gainful (note: $$$!) employment. However, I still want to post, so this week I’m going to tell you about what might be the cutest thing ever: the bufflehead.

Property of David FreA bufflehead is kind of like a duck only more adorable. It has shorter feet and a giant head than a normal duck, and it’s just smaller in general. Basically, it’s the Welsh corgi of ducks. You can look at a duck and think, “oh, that’s pretty cute,” but when you look at a bufflehead, especially in person, you cannot possibly think — unless you are some cyborg, perhaps — “That is so cute! I must steal it!”

In fact, if you’re ever in a situation where you need to identify which person in a group is the sociopathic serial killer you only need to show them the bufflehead and see who doesn’t react.

Yes, I have thought about that scenario.

I saw the bufflehead at the Bronx Zoo and there was a baby monkey that was very cute, and my traveling companions attested it was the only animal cuter than the bufflehead. For awhile I said this was true, then I realized something that destroys that argument; baby monkeys turn into adult monkeys, but buffleheads are always adorable.Property of Francois Roux photography

Yesterday I saw a book about unusual animal pairs, like the black bear and cat that became close friends. I’m 99% certain that if a bufflehead and a baby monkey were to befriend each other it would be so endearing and “aww”-inducing that human civilization would grind to a halt.

Baby monkey and some flying rat? Sure, that’s cute. Now imagine if it was a bufflehead. BAM! That’s the sound of your heart exploding from joy.

Yes, this is a post about Tina Fey. I swear it’s not just blabbering about pop culture!

Tina Fey could totally be that sexy lady, amirit?

If Tina Fey was a cartoon, I’d imagine she’d be this kind of character and illicit this kind of reactions from horndogs men. Though maybe she’d be holding a rubber chicken And I think this view is one most people in America could agree with.

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