Alas, friends, 2012 is almost over, and with the end of the year comes something truly disheartening: the end of my terrible holiday themed movie ideas. Let’s take a moment to recap the three so far:

  • iChanukah, an artistic movie about rebellion and disillusionment starring Lena Dunham and Andrew Garfield.
  • Black Christmas, a heartfelt family comedy with Martin Lawrence and Willow Smith.
  • Christmas is a Drag, an over the top ride with RuPaul, Rich Sommer, and BD Wong.

Now, to finish this I have a holiday romantic comedy, preferably from ABC Family, because they do such wonderful work, about New Years. It has everything you could want from a show in this genre: familial and romantic love, a good dose of terrible humor, an arbitrary deadline, and a talking dog.

Because, you know, nothing says holidays like a talking dog.

Save the Date

Melissa Joan Hart: number one bad romantic comedy actress?

Save the Date is the newest romantic holiday classic in the making from ABC Family, just in time for the New Year. Allison (Melissa Joan Hart, Clarissa Explains It All, Melissa and Joey) is in love with what she thinks is the best guy she’s ever met, and their wedding date is set for New Years Eve. But on Thanksgiving he reveals he’s decided to “upgrade” and leaves her for a younger, prettier ditz. Heart broken, she loses her normal pluckiness and zest for life, and is almost ready to give up on love for good — but luckily, being a spinster isn’t in her cards.

I’d bet you’d like to take him home for the holidays!

Allison’s dad, George (Tim Allen, Home Improvement, Toy Story), died 10 tragic years ago, but he couldn’t leave his little girl all alone. Little does she know, he’s been watching her in the form of her nine year old golden retriever — conveniently named “George” after her late father. George decides it’s his job to make sure that she finds the man of her dreams, who happens to be his ex-business partner’s son, Travis (Brian Austin Green, Beverly Hills, 90210), before the New Years rings in and she’s alone for good.

Don’t miss out on this wonderful movie, that will convince you a New Year is the perfect time for new love.