This week let me start by saying I’m a finalist in The Good Greatsby’s caption contest again this week — which doesn’t necessarily mean anything but you can go and vote for me to be a good, democratic citizen. Mostly why I mentioned this though is because it’s an awesome segue!


I’m considering starting a new blog, or maybe a new recurring theme for many of my blogs, which I believe I will call “Recipes For Disaster” or “Politics Come to Dinner” or something like that, which combine three of my greatest passions: food, politics, and offending everyone by either making fun or or simply blaspheming sacred political figures. Because, as everyone knows, nothing is more socially acceptable than talking about politics at the dinner table.

I do actually have a good amount of recipe creation experience, though mostly with ice creams, which I have on my Facebook. And 1.5 weeks ago I made the best pie ever by combining a random recipe off the internet and one from my favorite butter lover, Paula Deen.

In this blog series I’d either describe what I’d make for politicians if I were to eat with them, both contemporary and historical, if they came to dinner, or make politically inspired dishes. For instance, my first (and blissfully simple) recipe would be:

Mmmmm, this is a bowl of sadness.

Budget Cut Chicken Noodle Soup:

  • One can chicken broth
  • Hunger
  1. Heat the chicken broth over an open fire
  2. use crude spoons whittled out of twigs to eat the broth as best you can
  3. If salt is needed simply cry over the open can and wish you could afford a “stimulus” package of noodles

Okay, so that was a bit bleak, but I assure you they all wouldn’t be quite so depressing. They would all be that punny, though. Other ideas:

  • The FDR sandwich, similar to a fancier, possibly-polio ridden BLT!
  • The “not quite 14%” milk fat vanilla latte, inspired by Mitt’s tax returns.
  • The Sloppy Joseph Stalin, a sloppy joe with commie flair! Makes more than enough to share with your comrades.
  • General Mao Zedong’s chicken: an updated take on General Tso’s that’s more likely to vanquish your enemies with spiciness (and possibly a gun).

Comments? Suggestions? This is a work in progress, and I like help!