As I was innocently browsing the internets the other day imagine my surprise when I found this:

Now, you may think I would be offended by this, as I am pretty apt to mention I am indeed one of those silly gay dudes who would like to get married, but really I actually loved this video because I thought it was a joke. I sincerely burst into laughter when I saw it and rewatched it three more times because it is so, so terrible. The acting, the dramatic music and switch when they mention that you can vote for someone who will give you the right kind of change! Though technically banning gay marriage isn’t change. Still! Even the title of the ad, “New Morning,” only makes sense if you remember Ronald Reagan’s most famous ad, “It’s Morning In America Again.”

Seeing this Romney ad reminded me of another over the top ad that I will share with you from one of the political opponents of the candidate I interned for. Unfortunately, the campaign has done all they can to remove this ad because of how awful it was, but let me describe it: imagine a field of tall, wafting brown grass — Montana style! A thin woman with shoulder length, dirty blonde hair walks through it, spouting stuff along the lines of “Montana, woot!” All the while a deep orchestral song is playing, letting you know that, yes, this person is your savior. It was less like an ad for a soap opera than Mitt Romney’s but more like a low budget preview for the da Vinci Code. And it was a wonderful way to lift your spirits because of how cheesy it was.

Now, whenever I think of bad political ads I think of an ad I saw 2 years ago. This ad tried to show that you need to elect this man because he was the epitome of an Alabama man, and it was so glorious. Also, apparently a true man from Alabama can randomly pull out a rifle from nowhere (his pants?):

For those wondering: he lost. How tragic!

Of course, in the 2008 election there was one shining example of an over the top campaign advertisement and that was of course Hillary Clinton’s “It’s 3 AM.” Now, I must say I love Hillary, and a part of me was disappointed that when Obama was coming onto stage at the DNC last week Hillary didn’t shove him aside and stomp past him and accept the nomination herself. But this ad — along with a lot of what she did in the 2008 primary — was a big blunder, and the underlying message is: if you don’t elect Hillary Clinton your children WILL DIE.

Oh Hillary, you are better than that!

But, of course, the all time best insanely dramatic political campaign advertisement — and perhaps the ad that inspired all future soap opera-esque ads — is “Daisy” from the 1964 campaign good ole’ Lyndon B. Johnson.

Thanks, LBJ, for informing me that if I don’t vote for you the world will end.