I’m traveling right now. Sort of. So I didn’t want to write a real post. So here are some wonderful things I’ve learned while in New York:

1) Everyone everywhere is boring. I learned this the first night when a group of two guys and a girl talked about the new foods they’d tried recently, including soft-serve frozen yogurt, Greek yogurt, and coconut water.

2) When you can’t decide on what dog breed to get and don’t want to actually take care of a pet, get this thing.

Good… boy?

3) Cats love corks, bags, boxes, strings, and curtains. But they especially like corks.

Cork diving!

4) Nerds love Kingdom Hearts. This line was for the early release event at the Nintendo Store for Kingdom Hearts: 3D. It went over an entire avenue and wrapped around the next street.

5) Everyone needs a butt booster.

Or… Not?