Yes, this is a post about Tina Fey. I swear it’s not just blabbering about pop culture!

Tina Fey could totally be that sexy lady, amirit?

If Tina Fey was a cartoon, I’d imagine she’d be this kind of character and illicit this kind of reactions from horndogs men. Though maybe she’d be holding a rubber chicken And I think this view is one most people in America could agree with.

Given this well agreed upon, almost-scientific acceptance that Tina Fey is not only a comedic titan but also a sexy beast, it’s strange to hear Tina Fey talk about herself — specifically, the jokes she makes about her own pseudo-self, Liz Lemon, on 30 Rock, which mostly revolve around how she is fat, ugly, or secretly a man, like this dialogue on an episode in season 3:

Jack: I need advice. Elisa is coming by this afternoon to “talk about us.”
Liz: Ugh, ladies are such a bummer!
Jack: “Where is this going?” “How serious are we?” “Why don’t you listen to this story about my friend?”
Liz: Well, where is it going? Ladies like to know what that next step is. They… We can’t help ourselves.

If you don’t think that Tina Fey thinks she probably has a bad case of fugliness despite this recurring theme, than you need not look any further than this interview she had on Late Night with David Letterman.

The plain and simple truth is Tina Fey thinks Tina Fey is gross. And, the more you hear her talk about it, the more you realize it’s probably because when she looks in the mirror she doesn’t see America’s next top MILF; she sees the chubby, androgynous girl she used to be.

Tina Fey’s issue is something I myself very much relate to. Specifically, what I often frivolously debate with my friends about is whether or not I’m a “cub” or an “otter” (click the that text if you have no idea what gay things I’m talking about). The difference between the two is a matter of weight, and the truth is the reason I have difficulty reconciling myself as one over the other is I used to be a good deal chubbier than I am now.

I think, without a doubt, what Tina Fey and I unequivocally prove 100% is that a person’s view of themselves is most definitely their hardest opinion to change, whether it be referring to yourself as ugly despite being on many people’s “most bang-able people over 40” or thinking that you still fall into one nonsense subcategory over another. I’d like to call this the Ugly Duckling syndrome, though I’m sure it’s already a real term for someone whose skin sloughs off when they’re a kid and they’re reborn a child beauty pageant super star or something.

If my theory is true, this baby will grow up thinking its a monkey.